cash and credit cards accepted (visa, mastercard, discover, american express).

weather closures

for the safety of our staff, we may open late during bad weather. we will also close 15-30 minutes ahead of incoming storms. once the storm has passed, we will do our best to reopen.


- all of our syrups are made with real sugar and not high-fructose corn syrup.  

- most syrups and toppings are vegan with the exception of the tangerine lavender honey syrup, dairy-based sweet cream, caramel drizzle, marshmallow topping and honey.

- while the sweet cream contains dairy, the coconut sweet cream is dairy-free. It has just a hint of coconut flavor and can easily be substituted for the dairy sweet cream without greatly affecting the flavor.

- our products are nut-free but are processed in a kitchen where nuts are present.  

- we occasionally will carry specialty toppings.  please feel free to inquire about their ingredients as they are introduced.

- all of our syrups are gluten free.

- the gourmet syrups are dye-free.


- our flower cups are biodegradable.

- our wooden spoons are better for the environment than plastic spoons. we like them a lot, but feel free to bring your own reusable spoon if you prefer!


- our trailer is parked at the Northeast corner of aurora avenue and south webster st.  - kitty-corner from the entrance to naper settlement.  

- we are are just a short walk from the water street shops or the covered bridge on the riverwalk.  

- free parking is available nearby in the water street garage anytime or in the municipal center lot after 5pm weekdays and all day on the weekends. 

- we are a trailer with limited seating available.  you will find great spaces to relax and enjoy your shaved ice walking the beautiful water street district and naperville riverwalk nearby.